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Jute & Coir Yarns

Here you will find binding twines made of jute and coconut for tying up trees/vegetables or plant cultures of all kinds. The big advantage over synthetic yarns is that these natural yarns are 100% self-rotting and do not have to be laboriously removed from the plant again. You have not found your desired yarn here ? Then get in touch with us, we can make up - bobbin size, packaging, labelling etc. according to your wishes and requirements.
Short description
7010-3422 Jute twine 22lbs/4ply ordinary
Jute twine for vegetable crops
(1.3 NM/4-ply)
Spulen v. ca 8.5 kg
7010-3423 Jute twine 18lbs/6ply ordinary
Jute twine for vegetable crops
(1.59 NM/6-ply)
auf zylindrischen Spulen
6030-3635 Vycome coir yarn 90mtr/kg
Coconut twine f. Vegetable crops 100 mtr/kg
length 28cm / diameter 19cm
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