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Hessian Cloth
We carry traditional single-strand Hessian fabric in various widths, looks and gram-weights and have them available for prompt delivery at all times. 
Tarpaulin Cloth
Double-strand tarpaulin fabric is used primarily in upholstery and saddlery and where a tough fabric is needed for industrial uses. We have a small selection in stock but will gladly obtain the optimal ... 
Jute Fabric Euro Quality
European quality means that the fabric is regularly woven and free of wood scraps and husks and can thus be used for higher-quality applications in industry or interiors (wall coverings). Test our quality ... 
Treated Jute Fabric
Jute fabric can undergo a number of additional treatments after production. It can be coated with PE, reinforced, treated to be flame-retardant or rot-resistant, or it can be produced as a fabric for contact ... 
Jute Fabric for industry
For decades, Relianz has been offering jute fabric with special requirements for various branches of industry all across Europe. Whether for construction or for specific technical applications in the automobile ... 
Nursery Squares
Jute rolls and nursery squares are needed primarily in horticulture, to wrap root balls. We stock a whole selection in various standard sizes for immediate delivery from our warehouses. 
SIFOR Soil-Saver
SIFOR Soil Saver is made of unbleached and chemically untreated jute fibres. This unique structure of cloth allows all plants to unfold their growth without let or hindrance. When it rains the open ... 
Jute tarpaulins
We offer various sizes of tarps to cover truckbeds. They can, upon request, be supplied with grommets. 
Jute webbing
These days, jute webbings are used primarily in the furniture and upholstery industry. We always keep some inventory on hand in our warehouse for you. Upon request, we will gladly order larger quantities ... 
Jute Stripes
Jute stripes are used primarily in nurseries as decorative material, but it also has horticultural uses, such as protecting trees during the cold season. They are also many instances where it can be used ... 
Jute bags
Jute sacks have a long tradition in the packaging of bulk goods. They are used to pack seed potatoes, hazelnuts and other unpeeled foodstuffs as well as for sand bags. Jute is also used for special pakaging. ... 
Jute Yarn
Jute yarns are used for high-quality applications in interior decoration or as horticultural twine. We can obtain the high-quality, odorless yarn that is best for you in the skein size you request, and ... 
Christmas Bags
Our range also includes traditional “Father Christmas” food-safe bags in a variety of sizes and printings. 
Jute Shopping Bags
Jute carrying bags, with a new, trendy design, are the big hit right now. They are natural, ecological and sustainable. They can be manufactured in trendy colors and designs, so give free range to your ... 
Natural Fibres
We can gladly obtain raw jute, cuir or sisal fibers in various qualities, grades and lengths for you at any time. These days, such fibers are used as filling material and for blending with other materials ... 
Raw sheep's wool
In keeping with our emphasis on naturally renewable raw materials, we also offer raw sheep’s wool from all continents, in a whole range of qualities and grades, to meet your specific needs. Our wool department ...