7010-3458 Jute twine 8 lbs/3-ply  

Item no.7010-3458
Product DescriptionJute twine 8 lbs/3-ply

ordinary, (3.6 NM/3-ply)

oil content max. 1-2%, no smell
cleaned from roots and specks,
quality and quantity based on atm.
of 27°C with 65% relative humidity,
14% moisture content, on precision
wound cylindrical paper spools 10x10x1",
on strong wooden one-way palettes
with min. 4" free space below
palettes, palettes covered by loose
PE-sheet with big ventilation holes
(no shrink-wrapping!)
Minimum Order Size 1250
Weight102.20 kg/100 kg
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 7010-3458 Jute twine 8 lbs/3-ply